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Dodoni Feta Greece

This Barrel Aged Feta is produced from a blend of all-natural 100% Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk, and is aged for four months in wooden oak barrels. This traditional method of production contributes to its full taste, natural aroma and pure white colour. Dodoni is the best selling feta brand in Greece.

200 grams



Halloumi Dodoni Greece

Halloumi is a delicious cheese originally from Cyprus; it is amazingly versatile and absolutely ideal for pan-frying. 

The cheese is white, with a distinctive layered texture, similar to mozzarella and has a salty flavour.

Made with a combination of sheep, goat and cow milk.

Halloumi can be fried until brown without melting, its firm texture when cooked causes it to squeak on the teeth when being chewed.

250 grams




Kefalograviera is excellent used in Saganaki (fried cheese), as a roasted cheese, or grated over salads, pasta, and grilled veggies.

Kefalograviera is one of the newer Greek cheeses. Production was started in the 1960s and it has quickly become a favourite table cheese. The taste of this cheese is somewhere between Kefalotyri and Graviera, hence the name.

In addition to it's salty flavour this cheese is made from sheep’s milk giving it sweet and fruity notes.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.


Myzithra Greece Mizithra
Myzithra or Mizithra (Mi-zee-thra) is a traditional Greek whey cheese made from pasteurized sheep milk. It has been manufactured in Greece for thousands of years and is considered the ancestor of all Greek whey cheeses. There is no rennet added to this cheese, rather the curd is treated with the whey from the previous batch of Myzrithra.
Aged or "dried" Myzythra has a hard texture and a salty tangy taste. In this form, Myzythra is usually savoured as a grating or cooking cheese. Delicious grated over pasta.
This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.
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