Wildflower Honey - 1kg

Wildflower Honey -Raw

Perfect for the chefs at home, it’s ideal for scooping out with a spoon to use in your tea or morning coffee, mixed into your favourite glazes, sauces, or dishes. Enjoy all the benefits of natural unpasteurized honey. An ideal partner for the serious chef and honey lovers. Pair with cheeses on your next board! 

Wildflower Mini Honey - 50g

Rosewood Mini Honey

50g Mini Hex jars make great gifts, stocking stuffers.

100% Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey.


Wildwood Raw Milk

Wildwood has an impressive zesty flavour, but also a very rustic and appealing appearance. The aromatic rind gives the cheese a contrasting texture to the interior and typical aromas associated with washed rind cheeses. Wildwood is rich and creamy on the palate with a nice balance of salt. Wildwood is named after the Wildwood Dam in St. Marys.

Wildwood tastes excellent in sandwiches or just on a cheese platter with fruits, dried meat and bread. It can also be melted very well and used in grilled cheese sandwiches. This cheese is unique in its appearance and taste.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.

YAWDI's Hot Red Pepper Jelly

YAWDI's Red Bell Pepper Jelly

YAWDI's hot Red Pepper Jelly is sweet with a little heat! Enjoy all the flavour that this full bodied jelly with red bell peppers and scotch bonnet peppers have to offer. Enjoy as a glaze for ham, chicken, turkey, salmon or pork chops. Great on a panini or toasted bread or spoon over Brie. Made in Toronto, Ontario.


YAWDI's Jerk Marinade

YAWDI's Jerk Marinade Ontario

A traditional Jerk marinade full of flavour and spice from Scotch Bonnet peppers. Made in Toronto, Ontario.

YAWDI's Lavender Pepper Jelly

Yawdis Lavender Pepper Jelly Ontario

YAWDI's Lavender Pepper Jelly is a delicious combination of fragrant lavender and heat. This sweet and spicy jelly can be enjoyed as a topping for scones, ice cream, cheesecakes, pound cakes. Pop it on your cheese board (a good strong cheddar is one of its best friends), spread it onto your ham sandwich, whisk it into a salad dressing or melt a spoonful into your lamb gravy.

Made in Toronto, Ontario.

YAWDI's Mango Pepper Jelly

Yawdis Mango Pepper Jelly

A sweet and delectable combination of mangoes and scotch bonnet peppers. The tropical taste of mangoes offers a sweet and spicy twist to traditional pepper jellies. Enjoy as a compliment to your charcuterie board, on soft cheeses, or enjoy as the perfect side condiment to any meal.

Locally made.


YAWDI's Mustard - Beer

YAWDI's Mustard - Beer

YAWDI's Beer Mustard is made with pale ale that adds a nice flavour  and does not overwhelm the mustard. Enjoy on any sandwich, dipping pretzels or as a base for a glaze or dressing. Perfect as a marinade for any protein. Made in Toronto, Ontario.

YAWDI's Mustard - Horseradish

YAWDI's Mustard - Horseradish

YAWDI's Horseradish Mustard is a tangy, spicy and fierce mustard made with horseradish. Pairs well with roast beef, crab cakes, grilled salmon or steak.
 Made in Toronto, Ontario.

YAWDI's Mustard - Smoky Honey

YAWDI's Mustard - Smoky Honey

YAWDI's Smoky Honey Mustard is a  smooth mustard made with real honey and makes this must-have-smoky-flavoured condiment a favourite! Made in Toronto, Ontario.

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