La Maison du Gibier


La Maison du Gibier
585, rue de L'Argon

Founded in 1982 by Pierrette and Jean-Marie Rondeau,
La Maison du Gibier offers its clientele a diverse array of
top-grade, high-quality processed game meat products.
Over the years, La Maison du Gibier has adapted its
products to meet the changing needs of chefs and North
American consumers concerned about healthy eating.
The mission of La Maison du Gibier is to provide a wide
range of small and large game products that meet the
strictest quality standards. The company’s ultramodern
facilities are federally inspected and operate in accord
ance with HACCP standards, allowing the company to
guarantee a regular supply of products that meet the
highest food industry quality standards.
La Maison du Gibier provides fresh-cut and frozen game,
fine meat products (pâtés and terrines), and high-end
meals such as stuffed, ready-to-bake, and ready-to-eat
All our meats come from well-known breeders in order to
ensure the most consistent quality possible. In most
cases, the products contain all-natural meat from 100%
grain-fed animals, with no growth hormones.

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