La Casearia Carpenedo

Antonio Carpenedo and his sons Ernesto and Alessandro, owners of the company "La Casearia s.a.s.", come from an old family of cheese merchants. They have over thirty years of experience in the dairy-cheese sector and today devote themselves to producing innovative cheese like "L'Ubriaco"®, "Brillo di Treviso"®, "Sottocenere Aromatizzato al Tartufo", "Speziato" and the so called "Barricati" cheese. The company is also engaged in the research and promotion.

In a world spinning faster and faster where perfumes, tastes and colours are lost between the hands of the clock and the incessant quest for business, there is a "kingdom", in Camalò, as the press calls it, where true love for one's work, imagination, unceasing research and the recovery and the respect for traditions become real art. Art where not just experience but also creativeness and imagination are given full rein. This company has walked its path in the fascinating world of cheese since the time when to buy it one bartered it for other foodstuffs. The history of the Company began in the early 1900s when Ernesto Carpenedo, Antonio's father began to work as a "casoin" (a dialect term meaning a cheese seller) in a little shop in the village of Preganziol (TV).
They certainly were not golden times but passion and commitment made it possible to lay the basis for a solid company that he then handed down to his son.
Antonio with twenty years of dairy experience under his belt has, since 1976, dedicated all his efforts to refining and it was precisely in that year that the first rounds of cheese were steeped in the vats of vinasse giving birth to the cheese called Ubriaco (the Italian word for "drunk"). From that year on, he began his splendid career as refiner, where all his will to create and his imagination have been turned into unique products distinguished by passion and experience. Today, also thanks to the assistance rendered by sons Ernesto and Alessandro, "the Cheeses of the Antonio Carpenedo cellar" are not only appreciated around Europe but overseas as well.

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