Guillaume et Lesgards


Les Petits Fruits - Guillaume & Lesgards
6842 Route du Layris

In the heart of the Pyrenees mountains, in Southern France, Maurice GUILLAUME & Patrick LESGARDS experience a continuous discovery of new flavours and fruit combinations.

Their passion and vivid imagination, combined with a traditional savoir-faire, gave birth to a full line of delicious fruit creations.


Since 1982 we have been blending imagination and tradition to elaborate delicious fruit-based recipes. From our Pyrenean workshop, we offer to every fine gourmet a wide line of preserves :

  • Jams with traditional or audacious tastes, cooked in a copper cauldron,
  • "Folies" confits : original recipes with fruit, herbs and spices, to be paired with cheese, foie gras, grilled meat or fish,
  • Apéritifs and liqueurs, elaborated according to the local tradition.
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