Godminster Farms


Somerset, SOM BA10 0NE
United Kingdom

‘Nature repays those who treat her kindly’. It’s simple. It makes sense. It’s written in stone and truly forms the central focus of our entire outlook at Godminster.

Godminster Vintage is a range of high quality, organic foods - all incredibly familiar, yet twisted, tastefully, into the unique. Like any premium product, their foundations lie in the quality of their raw ingredients. When it comes to food, organic ingredients are unsurpassable. They are not only tastier, they are healthier for you, too.

Furthermore, organic farming methods are the kindest to nature. Animals are kept and fed more naturally, and the effects on the environment are less damaging.

Our raw ingredients govern everything we create and come from our farm in Somerset. These essential ingredients, in turn, were determined by working with nature, not against her, to establish which could be cultivated successfully.

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+44 (0)1749 813 733
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