Fromagerie Montebello


687-A rue Notre-Dame
Montebello, QC J0V 1L0

The “Fromagerie Montebello” was born thanks to two men, Alain Boyer and Guy Boucher, who previously worked together several years. Alain, having been a cheese maker for several years in Plaisance, had never let this career have its death. He dreamed of starting his own cheese factory for a long time. He knew it was a great challenge for one person. One day, he shared his dream with his colleague. Funny coincidence, his friend also had the same dream of owning a cheese factory. Guy, a trained accountant, took over the financial planning and Alain attacked the production side and a new association was born between the two men. 

These two multiplied their effort to meet and surround themselves with people who helped start their new enterprise. Alain quit his job in April 2011 to work full time on his project and Guy did the same thing in June of the same year to help his associate.

Montebello was a village that used to belong to the land of the Petite-Nation Seigneury. This Lordship was the only one in the Outaouais and was inherited by Louis-Joseph Papineau, an influencial political man of Lower-Canada in the years 1800. The Lordship of Mister Papineau occupied an enormous territory that was first bequeathed by the King of France to Monsignor de Laval who sold it to Joseph Papineau (father of Louis-Joseph) around 1803. Louis-Joseph started to superintend this Lordship in 1815 and finally bought it in 1817.

Our cheese maker produces fresh cheese in three formats: curds, block and twists. Three fine cheeses are also produced, two with cow’s milk: the “Tête à Papineau” and the “Rebellion 1837”. Our sheep’s cheese is called “Manchebello”. Since the name of the cheese factory is in reference to the history of Montebello and the Petite-Nation, the names of our cheeses also have a close link to the Lordship.

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