Ace Bakery


580 Secretariat Ct
Mississauga, ON L5S 2A5

ACE Bakery was started in 1993 by two food lovers who decided the best way to get the kind of bread they wanted was to bake it themselves.

They began at a small bakery café, using natural starters, letting the dough rise slowly, making small batches of hand-formed artisan breads and baking in a stone-deck oven.

Today, ACE Bakery breads are available in a lot more places, but they’re made pretty much the same way, with no preservatives and using only the finest, simplest ingredients. We pride ourselves on baking rustic artisan breads that you’ll find have more flavour, a richer colour, a chewy, moist texture and a satisfying crisp crust.

Try ACE and we think you’ll find that our breads make every food moment just that much better.

And in case you’d like to know what kind of people we are, here are the things that all of us at ACE Bakery believe in:

Only the simplest natural ingredients

ACE Bakery products are made with only the best ingredients and natural starters. There are no added preservatives in any of the things we bake.

The very best quality

We take lots of time and follow time-honoured European traditions and techniques to make the very best breads and baked goods we can.

Commitment to the community

We support the communities that support us by donating a percentage of our profits to local charitable organizations.

A great place to work

We are very proud of our bread. We offer a respectful and safe workplace for all of our staff and a chance for all to share in our success.

Partnership with our customers

We are committed to helping our retail and foodservice customers differentiate themselves by providing a wide variety of unique, high-quality breads and baked goods

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