Raclette Swiss

Raclette Emmi Square

Raclette is the cheese of legend, based on the story of a man from Valais by the name of Leon. One cold day, with food scarce in the open pastures, Leon simply heated up a piece of cheese on the open fire to ease his hunger and keep warm. He found the melted cheese had a transcendent flavour. It not only complemented other foods – it made a great, satisfying meal for his family. Raclette is aromatic and can be mild or piquant, depending on the age of the wheel. The naturally tan rind, washed in brine, is tacky to the touch and at times displays small white flecks of penicillium. Raclette is the quintessential cheese for sharing.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.