Le Maréchal

Le Marechal Raw Milk Switzerland

A raw cow milk cheese produced in the artisanal cheese making facility of the Rapin family in the Vaud region of Switzerland. The cheese is named after the cheesemaker's grandfather who was a blacksmith, or Le maréchal-ferrant. Every wheel of Le Maréchal cheese has a large picture of the grandfather on the label and stamped on each wheel is the name Le Maréchal and a unique identification number.

Cheesemaker Jean-Michel Rapin and his three sons use traditional artisanal methods and milk supplied by 13 local farms to create Le Marechal. The cheese is aged for a minimum of 130 days and the rind’s surface is hand-rubbed with organic aromatic herbs.

This is a bold and robust cheese with some barnyard and herbal aromas. Savoury and salty, nutty, with a mix of floral and herbal notes and a touch of sweetness. Le Marechal has a classic alpine cheese style that fans of Appenzeller, Gruyere and Comte will appreciate.

This full-flavoured, luxurious melting cheeses maintains its bold flavour when heated making it ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches, fondue, or raclette. Pair it with fresh figs or pears or fruit preserves, peach and pineapple salsa, olives and nuts.

Serve with younger red wines like a Beaujolais, or drier white wines like Sauvgnon Blanc.

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