Kaltbach Goat

Kaltbach Goat le Chevre

Emmi's Kaltbach cheeses are carefully crafted in the deep, cool Kaltbach Caves. Located in the Alpine Valley of Switzerland, these caves are a 22-million-year-old natural sandstone labyrinth with a small tranquil river running through. In fact, Kaltbach means “cold river” and it’s what allows for a constant humidity of 96 percent in the mineral-rich cave air. The natural climatic conditions in the caves regulates the humidity, which is a crucial part of the texture and flavour development and what makes this cheese unlike any other in the world.

This firm goat milk cheese is similar to a Gouda, has a smooth yet firm texture, lightly salty and rich flavour, its aromas are well balanced and have a subtle sweet note.

Beautiful on a cheeseboard, accompany with a crisp blonde lager, a mild cream ale or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.
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