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Live Edge Cheese Board

In Georgina, Ontario artisan Bill Major of Live Edged Woodcraft breaths new life into reclaimed wood crafting beautiful one of a kind Live Edged Cheese Boards. Wood is sourced locally and finished with human and earth friendly products.

No no two Live Edged Cheese Boards are alike because they are cross cuts of logs, showing the natural colour, shading, graining and knotting in all their natural splendor. The type of wood depends on what is available at the time, Black Walnut, Elm, Black Cherry are often used.

Every Live Edged Cheese Board is crafted by Mr. Major with a great deal of care and individual treatment. Cut at a local sawmill then air dried for up to four months, each piece is then meticulously sanded. Each board is hand finished with the application of 10 coats of hemp seed oil and 2 finishing coats of a hemp seed oil/beeswax mixture.

A tin of foodsafe hemp seed oil and beeswax as well as care instructions are included with each Live Edged Cheese Board.

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