Triple Cream Brie

Brie - Chateau de Bourgogne Mini

Chateau de Bourgogne Mini

Chateau de Bourgogne is made in the Burgundy region of France and is a not too distant cousin to Brillat Savarin. It is delicate, soft and creamy,yeilding a shot of butter and a dash of salt on the tongue before vanishing!

The richness of Chateau Bourgogne is set off and balanced wonderfully by champagne, but it will match well with a red burgundy (local matches are always good), other pinot noirs, or a blended red, like a Bordeaux or meritage.

200 grams packaged in wooden box.


Saint Angel Triple Cream


This luxurious triple-creme is covered with a fluffy, white rind. Beneath its rind lies an ivory paste with the texture of chilled, whipped butter. Its flavour is buttery, too, with the right amount of salt and a hint of earth and white mushroom. Enjoy this French masterpiece with champagne or your favourite crisp, white wine. It's very, very rich, so pair it with crisp green apples, juicy grapes, and crunchy bread.

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