Paper and Tools

Bamboo Cheese Board

Bamboo Cheese Board

Classic paddle cheese board. Natural, food safe and environmentally friendly.

Add cheese for a great gift!


Bamboo Cheese Board Small

Bamboo Cheese Board Small

Bamboo cheese board perdect to serve one or two. 6" x 8".

Natural, food safe and environmentally friendly.

Add cheese for a great gift!


Bamboo Cheese Serving Set

Bamboo Cheese Tools

Bamboo cheese serving set. Natural, food safe and environmentally friendly


Bamboo Cheese Spreader

Bamboo Cheese Spreader

Natural, food safe and environmentally friendly. For serving soft cheeses.


BOSKA Cheese Knife

BOSKA Monaco Cheese Knife

The 'cheesy' knife from the Monaco collection is specially designed for soft to semi hard cheeses. Designed with holes in the blade, this ensures that the cheese does not stick to the blade when cutting. As with the other knives in the Monaco collection, this tool is produced from a single piece of high quality stainless steel for stability, durability and firm control. Dishwasher safe with a 10 year guarantee.


BOSKA Cheese Knife Set

Cheese Knife Set BOSKA

Get the party started with this colorful cheese set from the Havana collection. The set consists of three assorted brightly colored knives suited for different types of cheese and a glass cheese board. Whether you are enjoying drinks or dessert, this set adds a festive atmosphere to any get together. The knives and board are dishwasher safe making clean up a cinch. This cheese set offers sleek contemporary design and practicality all in one.

Boska Cheese Knife Set

Three cheese knives.

Dishwasher safe.


BOSKA Cheese Slicer Rosewood

BOSKA Taste Cheese Slicer Rosewood

The Taste cheese slicer is best suited for semi hard to hard cheeses. Slicing is easy and effortless making this a classic slicer for everyday use or special occasions. It is made of stainless steel and has a sleek, stylish look with a rosewood handle and a unique shape that stands out among other cheese tools. Style and functionality are the combination that describe this slicer.


BOSKA Girolle-Cheese Curler

BOSKA Geneva Cheese Curler Girolle

The Geneva Cheese Curler is a unique cheese tool designed to be used when serving Tete-de-Moine, Petit Basque, Edam and similar cheeses. The beech wood board and stainless steel curling knife create pretty paper-thin 'curls', intensifying the true flavor of the cheese and creating an eye-catching presentation. Ideal tool to use on the appetizer or the dessert table for formal OR a casual tabletop. Additionally, you can wow your guests by using the curler to create delicious curls of chocolate instead of cheese.  Great gift for cheese lovers!


BOSKA Girolle-Cheese Curler Marble

Girolle Monoco Marble Cheese Curler

The Girolle or cheese curler from the Monaco collection is not only suitable to create appealing rosettes of Tête-de-Moine, P'tite Basque or Edam, but also  to create fancy curls of chocolate. The marble base, curling knife and steel pin are easy to assemble and disassemble. The entire set is dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.

$69.99 Please contact us to pre-order this item.

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