Not all products and quantities may be correct as we transition.  We removed prices because the per gram price just looks odd.  You can easily add and remove from your cart to see the price.  Weighed cheese is set to a minimum of 150 grams with 50 gram increments.  Thank-you!

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Mouton Noir Sheep Quebec Mouton Noir
Myzithra Greece Mizithra Myzithra
Grecian Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grecian Harvest
Ossau Iraty Ossau Iraty
Oxford Street Buffalo Gouda Oxford Street Buffalo Gouda
Pacific Rock Quebec Pacific Rock
Paillot de Chèvre mini 125 gram Quebec Paillot de Chèvre 125 gr
Paté - Cognac Paté - Cognac
Paté - Country Paté - Country
Paté Truffle Paté - Truffle
Duck and Pork Pate with Orange Pate Duck and Pork with Orange
Rougie Duck Rillettes Pate Duck Rillettes
Pecorino Affienato Pecorino Affienato
Pecorino con Pepe Pecorino con Pepe
Peppercorn Salami Peppercorn Salami
Peribonka Peribonka
Piave Vecchio Piave
Cornichons Pickles France Pickles Cornichons
Picobello Aged Gouda Picobello
Pizy Quebec Pizy Wheel
Port Salut France Port Salut
Prima Donna Aged Gouda Holland Prima Donna Mature
Prosciutto Crudo Italy
Prosciutto Italy
Prosciutto Crudo
Queso de Cabra al Romero Goat Spain Queso de Cabra al Romero
Raclette Fritz Raclette Fritz