Not all products and quantities may be correct as we transition.  We removed prices because the per gram price just looks odd.  You can easily add and remove from your cart to see the price.  Weighed cheese is set to a minimum of 150 grams with 50 gram increments.  Thank-you!

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Ice Syrup Ice Syrup
Italian Olive Medley Italian Olive Medley
Italian Olives and Pepper Mix Italian Olives and Pepper Mix
Jalapeno Blue Cheese Salami Seed to Sausage Jalapeno Blue Cheese Salami
Jalapeno Jack
John Wm Macy's Cheese Sticks Cheddar John Wm Macy's Cheese Sticks Cheddar
Kaltbach Creamy Kaltbach Creamy
Kefalograviera Kefalograviera
Lankaaster Aged Loaf Ontario Lankaaster Aged Loaf
Lappi Lactose Free Lappi Lactose Free
Lavender Gouda Basiron Holland Lavender Gouda
Le Marechal Raw Milk Switzerland Le Maréchal
Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar Ontario Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar
Louis CYR Quebec Lactose free Louis CYR
Mahon Spain Mahon
Manchego Manchego
Mexicana Hot Ilchester Cheese Mexicana
Midnight Moon Midnight Moon
Milano Salami Milano Salami
Mimolette 18 month Mimolette 18 Month
Hot Pepperoni Mini Pepperoni Hot
Mini Pepperoni Mild Mini Pepperoni Mild
Montana Intenso Aged Gouda Montana Intenso Gouda
Mountainoak Gouda - 3 year Ontario Raw Milk Mountainoak Gouda - 3 year
Mountainoak Gouda - Wild Nettle Mountainoak Gouda - Wild Nettle