Not all products and quantities may be correct as we transition.  We removed prices because the per gram price just looks odd.  You can easily add and remove from your cart to see the price.  Weighed cheese is set to a minimum of 150 grams with 50 gram increments.  Thank-you!

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Smoked Duck Breast Seed to Sausage Ontario Duck Prosciutto
Baby Edam Balls Holland Edam Baby
English Huntsman English Huntsman
Extra Hot Cheddar Extra Hot Cheddar
Five Brothers Woodstock Ontario Artisan Cheese Five Brothers
Fleur d'Aunis France Fleur d'Aunis
Fontina de l'Abbaye Quebec Fontina de lAbbaye
Hot Genoa Salami Italy Genoa Hot Salami
Genoa Salami Italy Genoa Milano Salami
German Salami German Salami
Ghost Pepper Cheddar Ghost Pepper Cheddar
Gift Box 100 Gift Box Large
Gift Box 75 Gift Box Medium
Gift Box 50 Gift Box Small
Gjetost Ski Queen Gjetost "Ski Queen"
Gjetost Ski Queen Gjetost "Ski Queen" Whole Block
Gordons Aged Goat Chedar Chive Ontario Goat Cheddar Chive
Blyth Goat Gouda Jalapeno Farmstead Ontario Goat Gouda Jalapeno
Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar Heart Shape Godminster Vintage Cheddar Heart
Golden Blyth Mild Goat Gouda Ontario Golden Blyth Goat Gouda
Mountainoak Gouda - Aged Cumin Gouda - Cumin
Coconut Gouda Gouda Coconut
Double Cream Gouda Gouda-Double Cream
Grana Padano Italy Grana Padano
Green Olive Snack Pack Green Olive Snack Pack