Feature Cheese-Oxford Street Buffalo Gouda


Oxford Street Buffalo Gouda is made by award winning Quality Cheese in Vaughan, Ontario. Quality cheese was founded by the Borgo family in the 1980's, who remain active in the company's operations.

The buffalo milk is provided by the Ontario Water Buffalo Company, started in 2008, by Martin Littkemann and Lori Smith, in Stirling, Ontario. The farm was home of the first milking water buffalo herd in Eastern Ontario, second in Canada.The water buffalo is an incredible species and is the primary source of dairy in many countries. Fifteen per cent of the world's milk supply comes from water buffalo.  In Italy there are more water buffalo milked than Holsteins in Ontario. There are about 170 million water buffalo worldwide.

Cheese made with water buffalo milk is rich and porcelain white. Water buffalo milk is thicker, richer and nutritionally superior to cow’s milk, and it is considered to be excellent for cheesemaking.

This Ontario made water buffalo milk Gouda is semi firm with a pleasant yielding texture. The delicate milky butter flavour is enhanced with subtle sweet grass and nutty notes.

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