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The Taste of Spring!
This very special rare cheese is made only once a year. Beemster produces only 2000 wheels available for export outside of Holland. Graskaas means "grass cheese" and the recipe for Graskaas dates back to 1901.

Beemster is an artisan Dutch cheese, a North Holland Dutch Gouda that is crafted exclusively in the Beemster Polder (a polder is a low tract of land enclosed by embankments with no connection to outside water sources). The cows graze only on pesticide-free pastures that contain rare blue sea clay. This clay contains minerals that give the milk a sweeter and softer milkfat, giving Beemster cheeses a softer and creamier texture.

Every spring the Beemster cows rush through the barn doors and excitedly graze on the fresh spring pastures. Click here to view the video of the Beemster Cows being released to the pasture after a long winter in the barn. It is only the first milkings from these fresh pastures that are used to make the coveted Beemster Graskaas. Milk, taken during this specific period, is the creamiest milk of the year, which gives the cheese a rich and creamy consistency along with the fresh grassy, herbacous flavours of the meadow.

This rare cheese, known for being the creamiest of the year, is aged for one month. The flavours are uniquely deep yet the texture remains very rich and creamy. Don't miss your opportunity to try this cheese, it is available only in the springtime!

Pair with:
Crisp light-bodied white wines, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.
Light bodied red wines, try a lightly chilled Beaujolais
Light bodied beers and cider
Tart-fruit cocktails, such as margaritas

Makes a gooey and rich grilled cheese. Add tomatoes, ham or your favourite vegatables or meat for a decadent sandwich.

Add to macaroni and cheese for a creamy rich taste.

Try cubed in salads or thread cubes on fruit kabobs with melons, berries and grapes.

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