1894 Raw milk

Named to commemorate the year the St. Albert Cheese Co-operative was founded. St. Albert remains one of the oldest cheese factories in Ontario.

Semi soft washed rind. Aromatic with rich lactic and vegetal flavours and supple texture.

Raw cow milk.


Allegretto Raw Sheep Milk Lactose Free

Firm sheep milk cheese.  Mild, nutty flavour with a slight sweetness.


ALPINDON: “Gift of the Alpine,” our premium cheese, is a firm cheese carefully modeled after French Beaufort d’Alpage. Following centuries old tradition this cheese is hand-rubbed and made only with milk from summer pastures. It exhibits a smooth nut flavour, a complex finish, a rich golden interior and a dark textured rind. Additional aging concentrates its flavours, deepens its complexity, and increases the sweet crystals that develop throughout the body of the cheese.

Amazing Grey

Amazing Grey

This Gruyere style cheese is made with unpasteurized goat milk. The aromatic rind covers a firm cheese with a natural sweet flavour. Serve with fruits and nuts and pair with white wine.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.


Appenzeller Switzerland

Appenzeller cheese is a hard cow's-milk cheese produced in the Appenzell region of northeast Switzerland. A herbal brine, sometimes incorporating wine or cider, is applied to the wheels of cheese while they cure, which flavours and preserves the cheese while promoting the formation of a rind.

Appenzeller has a documented history of at least 700 years. Today, about 75 dairies produce it, each with a different recipe for their brine wash. Most of the recipes are trade secrets.


Asiago DOP

Asiago is a cow's milk cheese, produced only on the Asiago plateau in the Veneto foothills in Italy. The cheese-making tradition in the provinces of  Vicenza and Trento dates back to more than thousand years. Traditionally, it was made from sheep's milk but today it is produced from unpasteurized cow's milk.


Bonnie Chere Raw Milk Sheep

Bonnechere is a semi-firm, pressed cheese made with raw sheep milk. The milk is collected from the cheesemaker's own flock of sheepthrough the summer months.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.

Brebis Reserva

Firm raw sheep milk cheese with pleasant saltiness and characteristic sheepy flavour.

Brie de Meaux

Brie de Meaux, raw milk, France

Brie de Meaux, named after the town of Meaux, is produced in the region of Brie, located 50 kilometers to the east of Paris. Records referencing Brie de Meaux date back to the 8th century, when the emperor Charlemagne is said to have tasted it. During the French Revolution, Louis XVI is said to have requested a final taste of Brie de Meaux before his arrest.

This product must be ordered in sets of 50 grams.
A minimum order of at least 150 grams is required.

Buttermilk Blue

Buttermilk Blue Raw Cow Milk

Made in small batches from the freshest milk, this rich, creamy blue is beautifully balanced, with piquant and earthy flavours. Delicately laced and veined with a higher butterfat for the creamiest texture. Tangy with a touch of mellow. Bold with a bit of restraint. Finishes clean and sweet. Cellar-aged for at least 2 months.

Pair with: Celery, endive, other raw veggies, Figs, pears, dates, dark chocolate, Yeasty dark beer, Riesling, gin

Perfect for: Risotto, pizza, mac & cheese, Blue cheese dips And dressings, Crumbling over steaks and burgers

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