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14 Arpents

14 Arpents is a semi soft farm cheese made from the whole milk of the brown swiss cows. This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind. Full of flavour, It has a slight taste of hazelnut. The flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages. The cheese is named after a road that borders the cheese dairy, le chemin 14 Arpents. (14 acres)


Chimay Grand Cru. Chimay Grand Cru is made according to an ancient recipe, and produced from pasteurized cows milk. The rind of this Belgian gourmet cheese is natural and the cheese matures for six weeks which gives it its pure and mellow flavour.


Inspired by AOC Morbier, Le Douanier is semi-soft, with a copper-coloured washed rind, with the pale golden paste split with a thin line of grey-blue ash made from maple wood. Flavour notes of green apple and nuts.
The ash line in the middle is symbolic of the U.S.-Canadian border that is located within a kilometre of Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser in Noyan, Quebec. Fittingly, Le Douanier translates to "customs officer."

Five Brothers

Five Brothers is a washed rind cow's milk cheese that combines traits from Gouda and another Swiss variety called Appenzeller.

The mild version is available after two months, the medium after 5 months and in the future we will offer a semi-hard aged over 12 months.

It has creamy and rich flavours with sweeter overtones and distinctive eyes throughout the body of the cheese.

All of the milk used comes from their family dairy farm.

Fleur d'Aunis

This is a soft washed rind cow’s cheese from the Loire Valley, in the Aunis province of France, situated on the north-west coast, in the department of Charente-Maritime, within the region of Poitou-Charente.
Fleur d’ Aunis bathed in a cognac fortified aperitif and brushed lightly with fleur D’ Sel water. The salt re-crystallizes on the rind allowing you to bite into a nice soft cheese then having some crackly bits that change up the texture.

Le 1608

A semi-firm, washed rind cheese, Le 1608 uses milk from hardy Vache Canadienne cattle, whose ancestors were brought to Canada from France between 1608 and 1670. Considered an endangered cow, the majority of these animals are now unique to the Charlevoix region in Quebec. Today there are only about 500 Canadiennes left in North America.

Le 1608 is nutty at the rind and has a complex, fruity flavour that emerges from its melt-in-the mouth texture. It has a pleasant tang and long finish.

Raclette Fritz

Semi-soft, washed rind cheese with a pronounced earthy aroma, tender smooth and creamy paste loaded with fresh butter flavour. A native of Switzerland, Mr. Fritz Kaiser brought with him the secret of raclette cheese making.

Pair with fruity and vibrant wines or Pale ale and Blond beer (e.g., Lager, Pilsner).

Raclette Fritz Pepper

Fritz Kaiser moved to Canada from his native Switzerland and established Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser in 1981. Leading the way in the creation of Canadian “Raclette”, this semi-soft, washed rind cheese with green peppercorns has a prominent hazelnut aroma which follows through with a sharp peppery and fruity flavour.

Winner 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Flavoured Cheese category.


Wildwood has an impressive zesty flavour, but also a very rustic and appealing appearance. The aromatic rind gives the cheese a contrasting texture to the interior and typical aromas associated with washed rind cheeses. Wildwood is rich and creamy on the palate with a nice balance of salt. Wildwood is named after the Wildwood Dam in St. Marys.

Wildwood tastes excellent in sandwiches or just on a cheese platter with fruits, dried meat and bread. It can also be melted very well and used in grilled cheese sandwiches. This cheese is unique in its appearance and taste.