Washed Rind

Washed Rind
14 Arpents

14 Arpents is a semi soft farm cheese made from the whole milk of the brown swiss cows. This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind. Full of flavour, It has a slight taste of hazelnut. The flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages. The cheese is named after a road that borders the cheese dairy, le chemin 14 Arpents. (14 acres)


Strapped with spruce bark this rich cheese has flavours of salted butter, wood shavings, spices and damp hay.

Beau's Abbey Style

Beau’s Abbey Style Beer Washed Cheese is an old style beer washed cheese that was originally produced in the middle-ages by monks who both made cheese and brewed beer.

Local water buffalo milk washed in Ontario craft Gueuze Lambic, a Belgian beer that is double fermented. Lovely yeasty aromas with rich creamy center.


Washed rind with buttery creamy interior.  Rich and full flavour.


Semi-soft, washed rind cheese with an off-white interior, a supple, flexible and creamy texture. Along with an earthy aroma, it offers a pronounced but pleasant goat’s milk flavour.


Chimay Grand Cru. Chimay Grand Cru is made according to an ancient recipe, and produced from pasteurized cows milk. The rind of this Belgian gourmet cheese is natural and the cheese matures for six weeks which gives it its pure and mellow flavour.

Chimay Monforte

Cow milk washed in Ontario craft Black Swan Porter. Lovely yeasty aromas with rich creamy center.


Comtomme is a farm cheese made with certified organic raw cow’s milk.

The cheese is ripened for 90 days and has a coppery washed crust and a golden ivory paste with a nicely-balanced fruity flavour and hint of crab apple and butter.

It has a supple, melting texture.

Comtomme is ideal for all occasions, in the kitchen or on a tray.

Delice des Appalaches

Delice des Appalaches, is inspired by the fact that the cheese maker is located in Plessisville, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, a region where the climate is especially conducive to growing exceptional forage and raising dairy herds of unparalleled quality.

This cheese is washed by hand and aged in Pomme de glace ice cider, a highly acclaimed spirit made by the Clos Saint-Denis orchard on the banks of the Richelieu. This unique cheese has a soft, creamy, generous texture that lingers in your mouth, enriched and balanced by the aromas and flavours of ice cider.


Inspired by AOC Morbier, Le Douanier is semi-soft, with a copper-coloured washed rind, with the pale golden paste split with a thin line of grey-blue ash made from maple wood. Flavour notes of green apple and nuts.
The ash line in the middle is symbolic of the U.S.-Canadian border that is located within a kilometre of Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser in Noyan, Quebec. Fittingly, Le Douanier translates to "customs officer."

Five Brothers

Five Brothers is a washed rind cow's milk cheese that combines traits from Gouda and another Swiss variety called Appenzeller.

The mild version is available after two months, the medium after 5 months and in the future we will offer a semi-hard aged over 12 months.

It has creamy and rich flavours with sweeter overtones and distinctive eyes throughout the body of the cheese.

All of the milk used comes from their family dairy farm.