Soft/Semi Soft

Soft/Semi Soft
Brie with Pepper

Canadian made double cream brie studded with black pepper.

Mild and creamy.

200 gram rounds.

Brillat Savarin

Produced in the Ile de France region and created by cheese-maker Henri Androuët in the 1930s. It is named after 19th century gastronome and epicure, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

Like whipped butter, both in texture and flavour. A triple cream cheese, which means it has a butterfat content of at least 75%. This is achieved by adding rich, luscious cream to whole milk.

Brillat Savarin aux Truffles

This famous French cheese dates back to the 1930's, created by cheese-maker Henri Androuët and named for the 18th-century French gourmet and political figure Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. A rich triple cream brie type cheese paired with summer truffles. Delicate, soft and creamy, with flavours of fresh butter, cream and earthy mushroomy truffles. Decadent!

Local water buffalo milk washed in Ontario craft Gueuze Lambic, a Belgian beer that is double fermented. Lovely yeasty aromas with rich creamy center.

Buffalo Bliss

Made from locally collected buffalo milk and produced by hand in small batches. A buffalo milk brie with white bloomy rind, stiff but creamy interior, slightly melty texture with aromas of fruity apricot, herbs and hay; mild, milky clean finish.

250 gram rounds.


A soft cheese with a white bloomy rind that is supple and creamy. It has a mild aroma of cream, butter and mushrooms.

200 gram wheel


Caronzola, a blue cheese, is inspired from an Italian tradition. One day, a master cheese maker from the north of Italy decided to mix blue cheese with a soft cheese. To his surprise, the result was an exquisite cheese that quickly became popular throughout the region. Today, Caronzola remains a highly prized cheese combining the creamy richness of a brie and the tanginess of a blue.

Chabichou du Poitou

The cheese comes in the shape of a truncated cylinder called "bonde", approximately 6 cm in height and 5 to 6 cm in diameter. Chabichou develops a characteristic, edible wrinkled rind dotted with occasional gray patches. Cut the cheese and it reveals a firm, creamy “bright white” interior but not before unwinding a thin buttery layer. Even though it smells typically “goaty”, the flavours are sweet with a bit of salty and tangy edge at the end.

Chateau de Bourgogne

Chateau de Bourgogne is a Burgundian cheese that is a not too distant cousin to Brillat Savarin. If there ever was a sophisticated party cheese this is it. It is so delicate, soft and creamy, it yields a shot of butter and a dash of salt on the tongue before vanishing! It is perfectly paired with Champagne and sparkling wines.


Washed rind with buttery creamy interior.  Rich and full flavour.


Goat milk Brie. Soft, bloomy rind, mild and creamy.

180 gram rounds