Soft/Semi Soft

Soft/Semi Soft

Spanish for baking, Asadero is a rich Mexican style melting cheese similar to Queso Oaxaca that is used for cooking. Mild-tasting with a pleasant acidity, this fresh cheese is slightly chewy yet tender.
Because it melts wonderfully, use it to top a bowl of soup or chile con queso, on tostadas, nachos or quesadillas, as stuffing for chile rellenos.
Goes well with fruit, chili peppers, salsa, poultry, beef, pork, tomatoes Sangria, margaritas, pilsner beers, Chardonnay.

Ashley Goat

A fresh goat milk cheese with a bloomy rind and coating of edible vegatable ash with a line of ash through the middle. A lovely goat cheese witha fresh citrus tang and slightly chalky center.

Beau's Abbey Style

Beau’s Abbey Style Beer Washed Cheese is an old style beer washed cheese that was originally produced in the middle-ages by monks who both made cheese and brewed beer.

Bella Blue

This soft, blue-veined, surface-ripened cheese is made from pasteurized milk and cream. Its ivory-coloured and lightly veined interior has a creamy texture and is covered in a fluffy white rind. Brie and blue in one!

Belle Fresh Sheep Cheese

Made in Statford by Monforte dairy. A fresh sheep milk cheese hand crafted from fresh locally sourced organic milk. Fresh, smooth and tangy. An excellent alternative to traditional cream cheese. Naturally light with just 16% milk fat.

Perfectly at home on any bagel or try a smear on Almondina Biscuits topped with your favourite compote.

Big Momma

A soft, Camembert style cheese made with rich and creamy water buffalo milk coated in balsam ash covered in a white bloomy rind. Very showy cheese with a line of vegatable ash through the middle.

Bishop Matre Goat Brie

Goat milk Brie. Soft, bloomy rind, mild and creamy.

180 gram rounds

Black Sheep

A soft, surface-ripened sheep milk cheese. Pyramid shaped and coated with balsam ash.
Black Sheep was inspired by Valencay, the cheese created to celebrate the return of Napoleon from Egypt. A bloomy rind grows over the ash and develops a blue-grey color as the cheese ages, becoming runny in the middle.

Bleu Ermite

Bleu Ermite was the first cheese produced at the Saint-Benoît Abbey in 1943 and is still in handmade at the monastery today. A mild blue, a bit tangy but not so strong that inexperienced eaters will be scared away. Soft cream-coloured paste, lightly veined with blue-green mould, crumbly and a bit gritty. The aroma is grassy, herbal and mushroomy, with hints of sweetness and earthiness.


Sheep milk enriched with Cow cream. Soft, surface ripened bloomy rind.  A rich, buttery and luxurious triple cream.

Blu 61

Soft bold blue cheese aged in Raboso Passito red wine and topped with cranberries.  A beautiful cheese sure to impress.

Blue d’Affinois

Soft bloomy rind,  rich, surprisingly smooth and creamy double cream. Produced by Fromageris Guilloteau in the regional natural park of Pilat, in the French Rhone-Alps.