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Soft/Semi Soft
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This semi-soft, washed rind farm cheese is made with raw milk drawn from the Fromagerie l’Autre Versant’s herd of Ayrshire cows. Its orange-brown rind is partially covered by a fluffy white coat. The cheese has a buttery colour, a supple, shiny, melt-in-your mouth interior and a scattering of small holes.


Epoisses has a powerful rich flavor, salty and creamy with a pungent smell.

Feta Greek Barrel Aged

Visions of grasslands and peasant farmers come to mind with Barrel Aged Feta Cheese. Made the old fashioned way and then aged in oak barrels, it is cherished for its exceptional taste and superb quality.
A mix of sheep and goat milk.


Fleur d'Aunis

This is a soft washed rind cow’s cheese from the Loire Valley, in the Aunis province of France, situated on the north-west coast, in the department of Charente-Maritime, within the region of Poitou-Charente.
Fleur d’ Aunis bathed in a cognac fortified aperitif and brushed lightly with fleur D’ Sel water. The salt re-crystallizes on the rind allowing you to bite into a nice soft cheese then having some crackly bits that change up the texture.

Fontina de lAbbaye

Made at the only cheese factory managed by Benedictine monks in North America, Fontina de l'Abbaye is a smooth slightly elastic cheese with mild lactic and hazelnut flavours.


Fromager d’Affinois Excellence

Soft bloomy rind,  rich, surprisingly smooth and creamy triple cream. Produced by Fromageris Guilloteau in the regional natural park of Pilat, in the French Rhone-Alps.

Gorgonzola Dolce

Gorgonzola has been produced for centuries in Gorgonzola, Milan, acquiring its greenish-blue marbling in the eleventh century. However, the town's claim of geographical origin is disputed by other localities.
Under Italian law, Gorgonzola enjoys Protected Geographical Status. Termed DOP in Italy, this means that it can only be produced in the provinces of Novara, Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Cuneo, Lecco, Lodi, Milan, Pavia, Varese, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Vercelli, as well as a number of comuni in the area of Casale Monferrato (province of Alessandria).

Gouda Coconut

Made with fresh, pasteurized cow’s milk and a healthy dash of coconut cream, added for extra flavor and creaminess. It's a delightfully unique cheese with a nutty taste and a touch of refreshing sweetness. Enjoy it with fruit or thinly sliced with crisp crackers and chilled white wine or your favorite beverage.

Pairs well with chocolate and port or a juicy Merlot.  Very nice with sparkling wine or a chilled white wine as well.

Grey Owl

Made by Fromagerie Le Detour in Quebec, Grey Owl is a soft and decadent goat’s milk cheese. An exterior coat of vegetable ash endows the cheese with a wrinkly, slate-coloured and piquant smelling edible rind. The interior paste is pure white, dense and softening at the edge of the rind. The smooth and silky texture melts in your mouth with pleasing sharp and lemony flavours.

Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog is a goat milk cheese made by Cypress Grove Chevre, of Arcata, California, in Humboldt County. It is named for the local ocean fog which rolls in from Humboldt Bay.

Midnight Moon

Aged Goat milk cheese made exclusively for Cypress Grove in Holland

Aged six months or more, Midnight Moon is an ivory-coloured goat cheese with a nutty and brown butter flavour and a long caramel finish. Similar to a Gouda, as Midnight Moon ages, protein crystals form and lend a slight crunch to the otherwise dense and smooth cheese.

Morbier Arnaud Reserve

Morbier is an aromatic and surprisingly mild French cow's milk AOC cheese defined by the dark vein of vegetable ash streaking through it middle. Today, the ash is purely decorative, a nod to the method by which Morbier was once produced in Franche-Comté. Traditionally, the evening's fresh curds were sprinkled with ash to prevent the formation of a rind overnight. The next morning, new curds were laid upon the thin layer of ash to finish off the wheel.