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14 Arpents

14 Arpents is a semi soft farm cheese made from the whole milk of the brown swiss cows. This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind. Full of flavour, It has a slight taste of hazelnut. The flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages. The cheese is named after a road that borders the cheese dairy, le chemin 14 Arpents. (14 acres)


Strapped with spruce bark this rich cheese has flavours of salted butter, wood shavings, spices and damp hay.

Blu 61

Soft bold blue cheese aged in Raboso Passito red wine and topped with cranberries.  A beautiful cheese sure to impress.

Bouchées d'Amour Garlic and Parsley

Soft fresh goat milk cheese marinated in grapeseed oil and garlic and parsley.  The cheese is smooth with bright citrusy notes that pair perfectly with the savoury garlic and herbs. Serve with your favourite bread, add to a salad or use to garnish pizza or focaccias. Try them in a grilled cheese sandwich! The leftover oil makes an excellent, flavourful dressing for salads or veggies as well as a tasty bread dipper.

Brebis Rousse D'Argental

This luscious washed rind cheese is produced by Fromagerie Guilloteau. The milk is collected from ewes of the Argental region of France. Aged for thirty days this square cheese exhibits a thin bright orange patchy rind. "Brebis" is French for sheep and "Rousse" refers to the colour of the cheese.

When young the flavour is rich and sweet, but as the cheese matures the stronger meaty, earthy flavours develop while the rind becomes a darker rusty orange colour. The texture is soft and velvety and sure to ooze deliciously on your cheese plate.

Brie - Chateau de Bourgogne

A decadent triple cream, Chateau de Bourgogne is a Burgundian cheese that is a not too distant cousin to Brillat Savarin. If there ever was a sophisticated party cheese this is it. It is so delicate, soft and creamy, it yields a shot of butter and a dash of salt on the tongue before vanishing! It is perfectly paired with Champagne and sparkling wines.

Brie - Fromager d’Affinois

Soft bloomy rind,  rich, surprisingly smooth and creamy double cream. Produced by Fromageris Guilloteau in the regional natural park of Pilat, in the French Rhone-Alps.

Brie - Grand Creme Delin

A decadent triple cream from France, this cheese is rich, luscious and buttery. Pair with a sparkling white wine or champagne.

Brie Goat

Made with rich, luscious Canadian goat’s milk, this double cream brie has a slightly tangy, pearl-white interior encased in an edible bloomy rind. Crafted by a fourth-generation cheesemaker adhering to a traditional French technique, this velvety cheese has a mild taste with a creamy body and marked buttery notes. Pairs well with a crusty baguette alongside crisp whites like Sauvignon Blanc. Locally made in Lindsay, ON.

180 gram rounds

Chevre A Ma Maniere

This fresh goat milk cheese has a bloomy rind and nutty aromas, with slightly tangy, lactic and hazelnut flavours.


Chimay Grand Cru. Chimay Grand Cru is made according to an ancient recipe, and produced from pasteurized cows milk. The rind of this Belgian gourmet cheese is natural and the cheese matures for six weeks which gives it its pure and mellow flavour.


Wensleydale cheese blended with dark, milk and white chocolate. This cheese a smooth fudgy texture and big chocolate taste.