Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
Claddagh Bó

Claddagh Bó is a handcrafted Irish aged Cheddar made by the Cahill family on their farm in County Limerick using milk from grass fed cows.

Coastal Rugged Cheddar

Coastal Cheddar is aged for up to fifteen months which bestows it with its rich and intense flavour but the culture used also adds a contrasting subtle, sweet, top note.

From time to time, you may encounter a characteristic crunch when you bite into this cheddar – a consequence of the calcium lactate crystals which form naturally as the cheddar ages.


Mellow and mild. A favourite for kids.


Collier's Welsh Cheddar

This uniquely powerful cheese produces a fine balance of savoury and sweet, without the sharpness that is delivered by many strong cheddar cheeses.

Collier’s is also identifiable by its distinct texture, open,slightly crumbly yet smooth and creamy in the mouth. It may also offer a slight hint of crunchiness from the calcium lactate that develops within older, high quality cheddar cheese.

Collier’s long, deep, powerful taste releases slowly in the mouth and lingers, for you to experience this unique taste to the fullest.


Made from sheep’s milk, Crotonese originates from Calabria, in the Province of Crotone, Italy. Crotonese has a natural yellow rind, with a semi-hard straw-yellow consistency that has a rich, distinct flavour, sharp with an earthy finish. Pecorino Crotonese is an artisanal sheep's milk cheese aged in wicker baskets which gives it a distinctive hatched pattern on the rind.


2 year old Quebec made cheddar hand rubbed with smoky, spicy chipolte.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!


2 year Quebec cheddar coated in our own Serrano pepper blend. Hot!

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Don Heliodoro - Rosemary Manchego

Classic sheep milk Manchego style cheese with buttery, nutty and spicy flavours coated in a generous layer of Spanish olive oil and savoury rosemary.

Double Gloucester

One of the great English cheeses, Double Gloucester is a semi-firm cheese, orange in colour, with a strong, mellow, rich flavour. Not as firm as Cheddar, it has a mellow, nutty character with an orange-zest tang.

Drunken Goat

This semi-firm pasteurized goat cheese from Spain's Mediterranean coast is cured for 48-72 hours in Doble Pasta red wine. The paste remains nearly pure white and the rind absorbs a lovely violet hue. The paste is sweet and smooth, delicately grapey, with a gentle, pliable texture and mild fruity flavor. A D.O.P cheese, it pairs well with medium fruity reds.

Drunken Sailor

Mild cow milk cheddar, made at Monforte Dairy, soaked in Jamaican dark rum.  The rum lends sweet, honeyed flavours of marzipan, caramel and brown sugar to this excellent cheddar.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!