Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
Cheddar 9 Year - Wisconsin

This wonderful cheese is aged a minimum of 8 years and has a super sharp but smooth flavour accented with crystals from the aging process.

Cheddar and Chive

Premium 2 year old Quebec cheddar coated in chives. A classic cheese and onion flavour. Great on sandwiches or for snacking. Pair with your favourite beer.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Cheddar Extra Old

The Extra Old Cheddar is aged for two years using a Scottish recipe and dry stir technique in which the curds are dried and then salted. Named Canada’s Best aged cheddar at the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, this is a smooth, full-bodied cheese. Organic milk. Winner of Best Old Cheddar at Canadian Cheese Awards 2014.

Made with the milk from the cows of the PEI cooperative dairy farm.

Cheddar Garlic and Pepper

A flavourful cheddar with a subtle, savoury garlic undertone and peppery overtone. The blend of these two spices gives a definite "kick" to a really smooth cheddar.

Great for snacking or try livening up breakfast with Garlic & Pepper Cheddar melted over a poached egg on a toasted English muffin or in a quiche. Fabulous on a burger, melted over meatloaf or to add a twist to classic mac and cheese.

Cheddar Garlic Dill

A mellow cheddar with added zip from a carefully blended balance of garlic and dill.  Melts well and is great for cooking or snacking.

First established in 1888 by a cooperative of local dairy farmers, Maple Dale was formerly known as the Zion Cheese Manufacturing Company and was located just off of Zion Road, within the small rural community of Thurlow, Ontario. Now Maple Dale is a family run business, located on Highway 37, just 10 minutes north of Belleville, Ontario.

Cheddar Ile aux Grues 2 Year

Organic thermalized cow milk cheddar, aged 2 years.  Robust, sharp and slightly granular texture.

Cheddar Maple

A blend of medium-aged, fine artisan cheddar and Prince Edward County's pure maple syrup. The savoury tones of the cheddar gently meld with the delicate sweetness of the maple syrup.

Cheddar with Jalapeno and Chili

Mellow cheddar with spicy jalapeno and chili pepper.

Cheese Fondue

A blend of 2 cheeses from Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, Fritz Raclette and Vacherin blended with white. Blended and ready to serve, just heat!

2 Servings for a meal. 4 servings for an appetizer.


Cheshire, the oldest British cheese, is moist, slightly salty, and "white" or orange in colour. A semi-firm cows' milk cheese, Cheshire is loosely-textured and crumbly. Cheshire is mild when young, acquiring a more pronounced tang with age. An excellent all-purpose cheese, its flavour makes it especially delicious in omelets and soufflés.

Chevre Noir

Chevre Noir is a Canadian made goat cheddar produced by Fromagerie Tournevent in Chesterville, Quebec. It was developed in 1988 by a Louise Lefebvre.  Full flavoured, firm, almost crumbly. It has a sharp taste with a bit of tang and a slightly crystaline texture.