Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
Cabra al Vino

Literally meaning ''goat cheese with wine'' this semi-firm pasteurized goat cheese from Spain. The paste is sweet and smooth, perfectly balanced with the bright aromatic flavour of red wine with a gentle, pliable texture and mild fruity flavour. Pairs well with medium fruity reds.


Caciocavallo is a cow's milk cheese traditionally produced throughout Southern Italy, particularly in the Apennine Mountains Dating back to the 14h century it is thought to be a descendant of the first cheeses ever made in ancient Roman times. Shaped like a tear-drop, it is similar in taste to the aged Southern Italian Provolone cheese, with a hard edible rind.

Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo

A beautiful balance between garlicky truffle and nutty, sweet, almost caramelized aged sheep's milk. This delicious cheese is firm, smooth, and oily, dotted with big flecks of truffle.

Made in Italy by Il Forteto, a farmers cooperative founded in 1977.


The Italian name of the cheese caciocavallo means "Cheese on horseback" and it is thought that the name derives from the fact that two cheese forms are always bound together with rope and then left to mature by placing them 'a cavallo', i.e. straddling, upon a horizontal stick or branch.


This is a tasty cheese made with a blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk with the additional of black pepper. Black peppercorns are added directly to the curd. The resulting flavour is distinctive and fresh. Appetizers, aperitifs, and first course diches are prefect for this cheese.

Caciottona di Capra al Pepe e Olio (Capra Pepe)

This ripened organic goat's milk Caciotta, is made by Perenzin, a very well respected artisanal producer in the Veneto with milk from their own dairy. It is coated in pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Caciotta is a traditional rural Italian cheese, assertive and fortifying and aged between three and four months.
**Contains Lysozyme (egg protein)

Cafe Ole

A creamy cheddar with roasted nut and toasted bread flavours coated in premium espresso.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Premium hand crafted, naturally aged medium cheddar blended with caramelized onion.

Caramelized Onion Pine River

Richly aromatic with tasty caramelized onion bits. Beautiful marbled appearance. Excellent melt qualities, great on burgers. Sure to be a hit.

Caraway Mozzarella

Creamy mild Ontario made mozzarella infused with flavourful caraway seeds.

Caribbean Thunder

Adding Jamaican Jerk spices to a two year old Quebec cheddar creates a savoury cheese that's earthy, nutty and spicy with a complex, smokey flavour. Pair with dried mango and roasted almonds. Melt on a shaved pork, chicken or turkey sandwich or make a sultry macaroni and cheese.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!


Washed in wine and spices and then aged for a minimum of 10 months, Challerhocker is the creation of former award winning Appenzeller maker Walter Rass.

A dense and creamy cheese with a characteristic swiss fruit and nuttiness, with deeper flavours of brown butter, melted leeks, butterscotch and sweet cream.

An excellent melting cheese, Challerhocker makes a decadent grilled cheese sandwich and is a flavourful addition to fondue.