Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
Snowdonia Amber Mist

Creamy mature welsh cheddar laced with Whisky.

200 gram Truckle

Snowdonia Green Thunder

2008 Silver Award winner at Nantwich. 2006 World Cheese Awards Gold winner is a creamy mature cheddar with garlic & garden herbs, a firm favourite.

200 gram Truckle

Snowdonia Little Black Bomber

2010 Silver Medal at the Nantwich International Cheese Show, 2007 World Cheese Award Bronze winner, this select Extra Mature Cheddar is the flagship product of the range. Creamy & smooth this product has a unique texture & taste that will entice.

200 gram Truckle

Snowdonia Red Devil

2006 World Cheese Award Silver Winner. Rich Red Leicester combined with chillies & crushed pepper. Spicy and hot.

200 gram Truckle

Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar

Naturally smoked creamy mature cheddar.

200 gram Truckle

St. Albert Poutine Curd

Classic Poutine Curd. Made in Ontario.

St. Jorge

Sao Jorge is a central island in the Azores' archipelago, 900 miles west of mainland Portugal. Lush, sub-tropical mountains rise steeply from the ocean, opening into Mediterranean forests and broad pastures filled with cows from which the Queijo de Sao Jorge (St. Jorge cheese) is made.

Strong Mature Cheddar

Mature English cheddar.

200 gram wax coated Truckle.

Sweet Summer Cheddar

Mild white cow milk cheddar with a slightly dry texture, mild tartness and sweet grassy finish.

Made in Stratford, ON with local milk.

Sweet-tasting Swiss with a pronounced nutty taste is an extremely versatile cheese. Its excellent melting qualities make it an ideal choice for breakfast fare, sandwiches, and especially fondues. Firm cheeses like Swiss cheese are delicious by themselves as an appetizer or snack; and can also be used in hundreds of different ways in the kitchen.
Lactose free!
No animal rennet
G.M.O. Free
Gluten free
Swiss Ontario

A classic swiss style, made in Ontario. A great affordable option for raclette and fondue or an excellent melting cheese to top anything from sandwiches to chicken. or soups.


Firm sheep milk cheese.  Mild, nutty flavour with a slight sweetness.