Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
St. Jorge

Sao Jorge is a central island in the Azores' archipelago, 900 miles west of mainland Portugal. Lush, sub-tropical mountains rise steeply from the ocean, opening into Mediterranean forests and broad pastures filled with cows from which the Queijo de Sao Jorge (St. Jorge cheese) is made.

Strong Mature Cheddar

Mature English cheddar.

200 gram wax coated Truckle.

Sweet Summer Cheddar

Mild white cow milk cheddar with a slightly dry texture, mild tartness and sweet grassy finish.

Made in Stratford, ON with local milk.

Sweet-tasting Swiss with a pronounced nutty taste is an extremely versatile cheese. Its excellent melting qualities make it an ideal choice for breakfast fare, sandwiches, and especially fondues. Firm cheeses like Swiss cheese are delicious by themselves as an appetizer or snack; and can also be used in hundreds of different ways in the kitchen.
Lactose free!
No animal rennet
G.M.O. Free
Gluten free
Swiss Ontario

A classic swiss style, made in Ontario. A great affordable option for raclette and fondue or an excellent melting cheese to top anything from sandwiches to chicken. or soups.


Firm sheep milk cheese.  Mild, nutty flavour with a slight sweetness.

Tartan Gold

Ontario made firm washed rind bathed in 12 year old single malt Scotch from Islay.  Distinctive Scotch flavours of peat, smoke, honey, lemon zest.

Available only at Country Cheese!

Tête de Moine

Tête de Moine is a pressed, unpasteurized cow milk cheese from the Bernese Jura region of Switzerland. The name means "monk's head."

Tête de Moine is different from most cheeses in that instead of being sliced, it is scraped with a knife or another tool known as a girolle.

Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar

An 18-month matured cheddar, moist, crumbly, and studded with small casein crystals, it bares aromas of wet hay and warm milk. The taste is sharp all the way through, with an underlying, milky sweetness that is most evident on the finish.

Made by expert cheese makers at the Taw Valley Creamery in Devon.


Tilsit or Tilsiter cheese originated in Emmental valley, Switzerland. It is said that the cheese was a by-product that was accidentally obtained by Prussian-Swiss settlers while making Gouda cheese during 19th century.

If you're a fan of Limburger cheese, you'll love Tilsit. With a powerful taste, this German cow's milk cheese is a must try.

Tomme au Marc de Raisin

Manufactured in the same way as traditional Tomme de Savoie, from the Rhône-Alpes region of France. It is pressed, uncooked and is matured for 3-6 months. Fruity and mellow with a very slight sharpness.  The cheese is aged under a thick blanket of grape marc, the residue that's left after pressing the fruit to make wine. The taste of the marc permeates through to the heart of the cheese.  Serve on a bed of the marc for a showstopper presentation.

Tomme au Poivre

This farmstead cheese is made from raw sheep's milk and ripened for at least 5 months allowing the Tellicherry pepper to infuse its semi-firm paste. The pepper remains subtle at first taste, then a few seconds later, expresses itself a little more firmly and makes way for a multitude of mixed aromas. La tomme au poivre goes well with almost any meal.

Wine pairing:  Syrah, port, syrupy wines, dark beer.
Look for a powerful red wine that can match the peppery style of this cheese.