Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
Asiago-Rosemary and Olive Oil

Hand-rubbed rosemary with resinous savoury notes and buttery herbaceous Italian olive oil provide the perfect balance for this rich, nutty and fruity Asiago.


Avonlea - Clothbound Cheddar

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar has its roots from the Orkney Islands, which is north of Scotland.

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar is aged for at least one year and is made from the milk of cows from the rolling countryside of Prince Edward Island, by the maker of COWS Ice Cream

All milk comes from small local farms around P.E.I. and given that no point on the island is ever more than 20 miles or so from the sea, with the salt air and the iron-rich red soil, all these things combine to add flavor and quality to the product.

Barely Buzzed

Unique espresso and lavender hand-rubbed cheese with subtle notes of butterscotch and caramel. Made from the milk of Jersey cows, this is a full-bodied cheese with a smooth, creamy texture.

Bronze Award at the World Cheese Awards in 2012
1st Place at the American Cheese Society competition in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011
3rd Place American Cheese Society competition in 2012


Le Bâtisseur is a firm washed natural rind with a pale-yellow, firm paste dotted with a multitude of small, irregular openings. This cheese has buttery, lightly fruity aromas, with notes of nuts, mace, and malt. However, closer to the rind, aromas of wild mushrooms can be detected.



Beemster Goat

Aged for 4 months, full flavoured and smooth with a wonderfully clean, sweet taste.

Sweet and creamy. Pairs nicely with beers and white wines. Delicious with dark breads, avocado and walnuts.

Beemster Graskaas

Every spring the Beemster cows rush through the barn doors and excitedly graze on the fresh spring pastures. The cows run and jump with excitement after being released to these untouched pastures. It is only the first milkings from these fresh pastures that are used to make the coveted Beemster Graskaas.This rare cheese, known for being the creamiest of the year, is aged for one month.

The flavours are uniquely deep yet the texture remains very rich and creamy.

Beemster Pumpkin Spice

This savory cheese delivers the taste of autumn!
A limited edition seasonal gouda featuring the signature buttery and nutty flavor of a gouda, packed full with the aromatic flavors of Fall - clove, nutmeg, cinnamon.

Best served room temperature - and even better warm, melted & gooey - Beemster Pumpkin Spice is great with sweet-tart and smokey pairings.

Try it griddled with ham or turkey, alongside raisin-nut bread or with a dollop of cranberry sauce or chutney. Just imagine it with butternut squash mac-n-cheese!

Beemster Vlaskaas

Historically, Vlaskaas was made only once a year to celebrate the Flax Harvest. In 2004 the Vlaskaas recipe was discovered and recreated by Beemster. Since then Vlaskaas has won golden medals around the world and is now made year-round.

Sweet and creamy. Pairs nicely with beers and white wines.

Lactose & gluten free.

Beemster XO

This firm aged Gouda has a deep taste of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. Aging this cheese for at least two years develops tyrosine crystals (amino acids) in the cheese that result in delicious crystaline, crunchy bits.

Lactose Free!

BellaVitano Balsamic

The sweet, nutty, fruity flavors of BellaVitano become even more desirable when blessed with a few prized drops of Modena balsamic vinegar.

2012 World Dairy Expo Second Place
2011 Wisconsin State Fair Blue Ribbon
2010 American Cheese Society First Place
2010 World Cheese Awards Silver Medal

BellaVitano Black Pepper

Rich, nutty, creamy BellaVitano coated with just the right pinch of cracked black peppercorns, imparting a spicy zestiness full of fresh cracked pepper flavour.

Wine Pairings:
Light Red Wine

Beer Pairings:
India Pale Ale
American Pale Ale
Trappist Style Beer

2017 World Dairy Expo Grand Champion
2017 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest Grand Champion
2016 World Cheese Awards Gold Medal