Semi-Hard/HardHard cheeses add sharpness to vegetables, omelettes, au gratin dishes, quiches, pizzas and soups.
5 Year Goat Cheddar

A beautiful sharp goat cheese with a creamy texture and fine crystals. Made with 100% single source farmstead goat’s milk.


Abondance cheese is firm, has a strong smell and a distinct and complex flavor; fruity and with hints of hazelnut. The paste is soft and fluid with an ivory to pale yellow color and has small holes. Made with local buffalo milk.

Abondance can be cut in a half moon and melted like Raclette cheese.

Aged Farmhouse

A firm cheese loaded with rich flavour. Slightly granular in texture. Delicious, rare terroir, leaving you a lingering sweetness on the tongue.

Aged Goat Havarti

Made with 100% single source farmstead goat’s milk in Ontario. A smooth mild cheeese, an excellent replacement for cow milk mozzarella. Serve with fruit for snacking or use for pizza, lasagna or sandwiches.

Aged Gouda

This aged cheese with a firm texture and full flavour. The Schep Family has been making Gouda cheeses in Thunder Bay since 1995.

Award winning Thunder Oak Gouda is a natural product made with fresh milk from the Schep's own Holstein cows. There is no preservatives or added colouring in Thunder Oak cheeses.


Firm sheep milk cheese.  Mild, nutty flavour with a slight sweetness.


ALPINDON: “Gift of the Alpine,” our premium cheese, is a firm cheese carefully modeled after French Beaufort d’Alpage. Following centuries old tradition this cheese is hand-rubbed and made only with milk from summer pastures. It exhibits a smooth nut flavour, a complex finish, a rich golden interior and a dark textured rind. Additional aging concentrates its flavours, deepens its complexity, and increases the sweet crystals that develop throughout the body of the cheese.


Appenzeller cheese is a hard cow's-milk cheese produced in the Appenzell region of northeast Switzerland. A herbal brine, sometimes incorporating wine or cider, is applied to the wheels of cheese while they cure, which flavours and preserves the cheese while promoting the formation of a rind.

Appenzeller has a documented history of at least 700 years. Today, about 75 dairies produce it, each with a different recipe for their brine wash. Most of the recipes are trade secrets.

Apple Walnut Smoked Promontory

This Utah original gets its name from Promontory Summit, the historic location where the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Rail Road lines linked the country nearly 150 years ago Our Apple Walnut Smoked Promontory is smoked with English walnut shells and red apples.

Apple Walnut Smoked is made from the milk of Jersey cows from Ogden’s Wadeland South Dairy. Wadeland’s Jersey cows enjoy 350 acres near the salty marshes, ponds and mudflats of the mineral-loaded soil of the Great Salt Lake.

Applewood Smoked Cheddar-English

Applewood is a traditional farmhouse Cheddar from Ilchester Cheese Company. An English cheese, it also goes by the name of Applewood smoked cheddar. This creamy cheese has a pleasant smokey flavour.

Applewood is not actually smoked but given a smokey flavouring with a dusting of paprika for a golden-amber appearance. The cheese can be crumbled or grated over pasta or melted on pork chops for that divine smokey taste. It also goes well with sweet apples and raisins.