Fresh Cheese

Fresh CheeseFresh cheese can be served with crackers, in sandwiches and salads. It is also perfect for making delicious dessert recipes or for stuffing meat and vegetables.
Tapenade Chevre Cup
Combining Kalamata olives, roasted garlic, and a hint of anchovy with lemon juice, this tapenade cheese is an entire hors d'oeuvres plate in a single tasty package.

Ingredients: Cheese (pasteurised goat milk, bacterial culture, sea salt, rennet), olive oil, olives.

Tortillon en Boules

Firm unripend cheese in brine. Salty and mild. Great for snacking.

Truffle Chevre Cups

The Truffle chèvre is made with a mixture of white truffle, a blend of other mushrooms, and garlic, which is all imported from Italy. The natural oil in the truffles helps to infuse the taste of the truffles throughout the cheese. It has a rich and earthy flavour that goes well with a red wine.

Water Buffalo Fresco

Mild, soft and creamy and just a bit tangy, good for slicing and melting. Enjoy it with a crusty bread. Top with olive oil, fleur de sel and your favourite fresh herb.

White Sheep

A whimsical pyramid shaped cheese covered in a simple white bloomy rind. Mild, rich and creamy made with organic sheep milk.