Applewood Smoked Cheddar

The COWS CREAMERY Applewood Smoked Cheddar is made with a recipe that originates from the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland.

Using a dry stir method, in which the curds are dried and then salted, the cheese is smoked for six hours.

Made with the milk from the cows of the PEI cooperative dairy farm.

Applewood Smoked Cheddar-English

Applewood is a traditional farmhouse Cheddar from Ilchester Cheese Company. An English cheese, it also goes by the name of Applewood smoked cheddar. This creamy cheese has a pleasant smokey flavour.

Applewood is not actually smoked but given a smokey flavouring with a dusting of paprika for a golden-amber appearance. The cheese can be crumbled or grated over pasta or melted on pork chops for that divine smokey taste. It also goes well with sweet apples and raisins.

Applewood Smoked Cheddar-Scottish

Mellow and creamy mature Scottish cheddar with a subtle smokey flavour derived from traditional smoking over apple wood chips.

Beemster Goat

Aged for 4 months, full flavoured and smooth with a wonderfully clean, sweet taste.

Sweet and creamy. Pairs nicely with beers and white wines. Delicious with dark breads, avocado and walnuts.

Beemster Graskaas

Every spring the Beemster cows rush through the barn doors and excitedly graze on the fresh spring pastures. The cows run and jump with excitement after being released to these untouched pastures. It is only the first milkings from these fresh pastures that are used to make the coveted Beemster Graskaas.This rare cheese, known for being the creamiest of the year, is aged for one month.

The flavours are uniquely deep yet the texture remains very rich and creamy.

Beemster Hatch Pepper

Sweet and creamy Beemster Mild gets a peppery kick from the addition of Hatch chiles. The mellow cheese balances the heat of the peppers.

Beemster Pumpkin Spice

This savory cheese delivers the taste of autumn!
A limited edition seasonal gouda featuring the signature buttery and nutty flavour of a gouda, packed full with the aromatic flavours of Fall - clove, nutmeg, cinnamon.

Best served room temperature - and even better warm, melted & gooey - Beemster Pumpkin Spice is great with sweet-tart and smokey pairings.

Try it griddled with ham or turkey, alongside raisin-nut bread or with a dollop of cranberry sauce or chutney. Just imagine it with butternut squash mac-n-cheese!

Beemster Vlaskaas

Historically, Vlaskaas was made only once a year to celebrate the Flax Harvest. In 2004 the Vlaskaas recipe was discovered and recreated by Beemster. Since then Vlaskaas has won golden medals around the world and is now made year-round.

Sweet and creamy. Pairs nicely with beers and white wines.

Lactose & gluten free.

Black Lemon

Refreshingly Different, Surprisingly Tasty

Basiron’s Black Lemon’s dark color, smooth dairy and refreshing taste of lemon and lime will stand out on any cheese plate! A gouda style cheese with notes of fresh lemon, verbena leaf and liquorice root; enriched with vitamin D and a finishing touch of charcoal.


Black Summer Truffle

Award-winning premium cheese, made with the finest Italian Black Summer Truffles – an “old-world” gourmet delicacy.

It imparts an earthy, complex flavour with a rich, smooth finish.

Pair it with a light, crisp white wine then sit back and enjoy the rave reviews from friends and family.

Spoil your guests with this spectacular and decadent cheese.

Bleu de Graven

Packed in the original Dutch-blue colours it gives away its Dutch origin. This blue cheese is mellow and creamy.


Blue Ice

A Quebec blue soaked in Ontario VQA Icewine. Lightly veined, herbal and earthy blue combined with sweet and fruity wine. A perfect pairing!

Only available at Country Cheese, come by the store to sample this unique artisan cheese.