Exclusive Artisan Cheese

Our affineur has selected some of his favourite hand crafted artisan cheeses to flavour and age exclusively for Country Cheese Company.

Come in and sample these delicious custom flavoured artisan cheeses only available at Country Cheese Company!!

Aphrodite Feta

This organic sheep milk cheese has a salty, tangy flavor and a crumbly consistency.  Flavoured in-house at Country Cheese with fresh lemon, fine olive oil and herbs.  Drop by the store to sample this Country Cheese Exclusive!

Artisan Blend

A shredded blend of assorted cheddars, goudas and swiss style cheeses. Excellent for mac and cheese, cheese sauces, to top potatoes, nachos, pizza or sandwiches.

Blue Ice

A Quebec blue soaked in Ontario VQA Icewine. Lightly veined, herbal and earthy blue combined with sweet and fruity wine. A perfect pairing!

Only available at Country Cheese, come by the store to sample this unique artisan cheese.

Caribbean Thunder

Adding Jamaican Jerk spices to a two year old Ontario cheddar creates a savoury cheese that's earthy, nutty and spicy with a complex, smokey flavour. Pair with dried mango and roasted almonds. Melt on a shaved pork, chicken or turkey sandwich or make a sultry macaroni and cheese.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Cheddar and Chive

Premium 2 year old Ontario cheddar coated in chives. A classic cheese and onion flavour. Great on sandwiches or for snacking. Pair with your favourite beer.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Classic Cheddar Cheeseball

Handmade in house at Country Cheese. Cream cheese blended with aged cheddar, green onions and spices. Beautiful, festive and delicious!

Available seasonally at Thanksgiving and Christmas or by pre-order.

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Cheeseball

Handmade in house at Country Cheese. Cream cheese blended with sweetened cranberries, orange and rolled in mini chocolate chips. Beautiful, festive and delicious!


2 year Quebec cheddar coated in our own Serrano pepper blend. Hot!

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Drunken Sailor

Mild cow milk cheddar, made at Monforte Dairy, soaked in Jamaican dark rum.  The rum lends sweet, honeyed flavours of marzipan, caramel and brown sugar to this excellent cheddar.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

A two year old Ontario made cheddar hand rubbed with wasabi. The hot pungent notes of the wasabi are mellowed and cooled by the creamy tang of aged cheddar.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Luna Picante

The base cheese for this Country Cheese Exclusive is hand made in Quebec with unpasteurized milk collected from the cheesemakers own dairy farm. Both subtle and pronounced with hints of spices, toasted bread and salted hazelnuts, a creamy cheddary texture and coated in 4 peppercorn cracked pepper blend.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!


Firm aged goat tomme flavoured with Taylor Fladgate Port.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!