Castelvetrano Sweet Green Olive

Frutto d’Italia, Gourmet line made from green olives, black olives and mix of olives with peppers and garlic in small glass jars.

300 ml

Dumet Olives Almond Stuffed

Greek Chalkidiki green olives. Hand-filled with almonds.

375 ml

Resealable bag.

Dumet Olives Garlic Stuffed

Greek Chalkidiki green olives. Hand-filled with garlic.

375 ml

Resealable bag.

Dumet Olives Moroccan-Black

Hand picked Moroccan olives dried in salt
Perfect table olives for hors d'oeuvres, tapas and other Greek or Mediterranean dishes
Made in Morocco


Resealable bag.

Green Olive Snack Pack

Pitted green olives in individual size snack pack. Great for lunches or travelling. 

30 grams.

Italian Olive Medley

An explosion of bold, briny mixed olive goodness. This prized olive mix includes black and green olives, garlic and bell peppers in a light oil marinade for a ready-to-serve antipasto.

Pickles Cornichons

A delicious tiny French Pickle. Made with gherkin mini cucumbers measuring only an inch or two in length, they provide a taste that is extra tart. This acidic flavour helps to balance out cured meat, pate and cheese.

375 ml

Sweety Drop Peppers

A unique type of pepper that grows in the Highlands of Peru. Its exceptional taste is both sweet and sour.

Also known as Incan Red Drops, Sweety Drops have a sugar-like sweetness and work well in salads, pizza or pastas, or even in baked goods. An excellent addition to a cheese board.

127 ml