Acacia Honey with Alba White Truffle

Acacia honey from Piedmont Region, white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico)

An extraordinary combination for aged cheese, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino, Castelmagno, Cheddar or Blue Cheese. For lovers of white truffles this product may also be used on toast as a morning treat, on ice cream or other sweets.


The Burke family has been producing pure Canadian honey in Omemee, Ontario since 1909.

Include this honeycomb for a stunning and delicious addition to your cheeseboard.

Nude Bee Co. Raw Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat honey, a strong tasting and dark honey, has strong antioxidant properties.

Nude Bee Honey Co. Raw Blueberry Honey

Raw. Natural. Healthy.

The word that best describes this honey is "sumptuous". Delightfully fruity overtones with a robust, high volume finish. Unpasteurized.

Pairs beautifully with all manner of citrus and fruity teas.

Pair with milder or creamy cheeses such as Gouda or goat milk cheeses.

For a truly unforgettable appetizer take fresh figs and split in half. Stuff with goat cheese with a drop of blueberry honey and wrap in prosciutto. Broil for two minutes and enjoy.

Produced throughout Ontario, packaged in Guelph.

250 mg Jar

Nude Bee Honey Co. Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Raw. Natural. Healthy.

Orange Blossom honey is bright, beautiful and smooth with a subtile hit of citrus on the nose and a lingering caramel flavour on the pallet.  Pair with hibiscus and ginger teas, cheese you’ll want marry it with are double cream bries and havarti.

Produced in Florida, packaged in Guelph.

250 mg Jar

Nude Bee Honey Co. Raw Pumpkin Honey

Raw. Natural. Healthy.

Gathered in the early summer and often hard to find, this rich amber honey’s sweet flavour is balanced by a rich and complex, spicy, almost squashy flavour.  

Pumpkin honey drizzled on fresh popcorn, or used to sweeten a cocktail, will add depth to your best treat.

This raw honey has a spicy sweetness, with notes of warm hay and nutmeg. When it touches down on the palate, cinnamon, squash, and warm sweetness give this honey a whole mouth feel.

Produced throughout Ontario, packaged in Guelph.

Nude Bee Honey Co. Raw Wild Honey

Raw. Natural. Healthy.

Wild is a honey derived from multiple sources - this mixture creates a semi-dark, aromatic honey giving this wild honey its distinctive taste and pleasing aroma. Unpasteurized.

Wild honey is perfect for glazing meats, making salad dressings or drizzling over yogurt and cereal. Enjoy it served over ice cream or with Brie, and as an accent to fruit salad, crumpets or scones.

Produced throughout Ontario, packaged in Guelph.

250 grams

Raw Wildflower Honey

Raw wildflower honey collected locally in Pickering, ON.

Stasis Ontario Black Walnuts and Honey

Ontario Black Walnuts in Honey Made with Niagara nuts and locally collected raw honey.

Ingredients: black wanuts, raw wildflower honey

260 mg Jar