Crackers and Cookies

Crackers and Cookies
Carr's Entertainment Cracker Collection

Especially selected with eight different varieties of cracker and using the finest ingredients, they are perfect to serve at any entertaining occasion. Made with certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

Carr's Poppy and Sesame Thin Savoury Crackers

Carr's Sesame Seed Table Water Biscuits are the finest compliment you can give to any topping, no matter what the occasion. We take the utmost care in their creation, baking every crunchy bite in brick ovens the same way we always have, using the finest ingredients. The result is a sublimely light, crisp texture and a rounded savoury taste that goes hand in hand with a chilled drink, to be enjoyed by you or with a few friends.

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers-Original


The name says it all. This versatile favorite is packed with delicious toasted seeds (sesame, quinoa, flax and amaranth) and is lightly seasoned with a wheat free tamari soy sauce.

Ginger Thins

Anna's Swedish Ginger Thins are known around the world.  This traditional recipe, since 1929, uses the same wonderful mixture of spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

Lovley paired with soft cheeses.


John Wm Macy's Cheese Sticks Cheddar

Original Cheddar Cheesesticks

Multiple layers of fresh sourdough generously interleaved with aged Cheddar & Asiago cheese, gently seasoned with cayenne butter, then hand-twisted and baked twice for "the perfect crunch!" Great with cocktails, soups and salads or right out of the box for a quick snack. Serve them warmed up (5 - 10 minutes at 250 dgrees) for a special treat. Try them on your next cheese board or with your favourite dip or spread.

MAR's Natural Granola Bars

Naturally great tasting. Locally owned, hand made in small batches, no preservatives.

A blend of granola, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Pita Bites Original Sea Salt

This pita snack is unlike any other. Firm enough to handle a stiff dip, yet delicate enough to top with a gourmet cheese, Sensible Portions Pita Bites are a versatile and tasty snack for any occasion.

Cholesterol Free,
No Trans Fat,
Source of Energy,
No Artificial Colours and Flavours, Free of Artificial Preservatives,
No Peanuts in this Product

Sesmark Savoury Thins Crackers

Made with a Brown Rice base and some added cracked wheat, these crackers are also Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole Grain Council Certified and kosher.

Shortbread Crack

Shortbread pieces doused in creamy salted butter brown sugar and baked.

That is CRACK. The taste of happiness in a 125g bag

Locally made by Eat My Shortbread

Sweet Olive Oil Tortas-Spanish Oranges

This Mediterranean crisp flatbread is handcrafted in Spain and delicately flavoured with Spanish oranges with a unique texture that is light, crunchy, and flaky.
Enjoy with your morning coffee, as a snack, for dessert, or along with some fruit, yogurt, cheese, pâtés, or smoked foods... The flavour combinations are endless.