Antipasto Classico

Thin sliced imported meats: Salami, Coppa and Proscuitto.

Made in Italy.

Antipasto Misto

Thin sliced imported Prosciutto, Coppa di Parma, and Milano Salami. Made in Italy.

Gluten Free

Artisinal Salami

Handcrafted in Whitby. No added preservatives. Nitrate Free. Gluten Free.

Atrractive box makes it perfect for a gift.

Bresaola Punta d'Anca

Lean dry-cured beef from Northern Italy. The "punta d'anca" (top of the hip, it is the tender "salmon" cut, or eye, of the silverside) is the part that is used, which guarantees top quality in all bresaola.

Gluten Free  Pork Free

Chicken Liver Mousse with Grand Marnier

A silky, sumptuous spread to be enjoyed with toast points, your favorite crackers and cheeses.

Made in Quebec. 100g.


Classic spanish style with a touch of heat.

Made in Whitby.


A well known Spanish style salami full of bold earthy flavours loaded with a variety of chili’s, mildly spicy but bold in its flavor. A small amount can be used to add complexity to any dish or simply eaten on its own with a good drink.

Hand crafted on a small scale using the minimum amounts of salt and other additives as possible. Made in Ontario.

Duck Prosciutto

Simple, salty, smoky and elegant. A must for any charcuterie platter. Slice thin, pair with honey, a great cheese and a glass of wine.

Handcrafted in Ontario.

Individually vacuum sealed for freshness.

Genoa Hot Salami

Thin sliced hot Genoa Salami.

Made in Italy. Gluten Free


Genoa Milano Salami

Classic mild Genoa Salami.

Made in Italy. Gluten Free


German Salami

Made in Whitby

Hungarian Salami

Locally made in Whitby with the finest ingredients. Vacuum packed for freshness. Shelf stable and no need for refrigeration which makes them great for picnics and travelling.