Le fin Renard

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Le fin Renard Quebec

This lactose-free firm cheese has a rind washed with brine. It is made from pasteurized milk and is surface-ripened for two months. Under its sometimes humid orange-brown rind is a light yellow interior that’s darker near the rind and features a texture that’s smooth, elastic and strewn with holes (eyes). It has a milky (heated butter) aroma matched by nut, almond and butter. Soft and rich, its taste is of tangy roasted nut and butter with vegetable touches.

Its name, Le fin Renard, was inspired by the Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the Crow.” A clever, subtle and endearing rascal, the Fox would've given his name to this cheese quite naturally.  In the fable, the Fox shows his ingenuity and skill, which is where the French expression “être un fin renard” [to be quite foxy] originates. Le fin Renard is equally surprising and has more than one trick up its sleeve!

It will pleasantly surprise you in every dish: excellent for raclettes, delicious au gratin, remarkable in burgers, tasty with an omelet and absolutely exquisite melted on berries. Refined and with a beautiful presence in the mouth, it is also especially well-suited to a second service during a tasting. It is in good company with a beer, with any white or rosé and with sweet reds.

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