Fleur de Weedon

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Fleur de Weedon Quebec Lactose Free

This firm lactose-free Emmental/Swiss-type farm cheese is made by hand with pasteurized milk from the cows of the Grenier family farm in Saint-Gérard-de-Weedon, Quebec. It has a mild aroma and tastes of nuts and cream.

This cheese is delicious baked or in slices in your favourite sandwiches or paninis. It can also be grated over pizzas, lasagnas, onion soups and other au gratin dishes. La Fleur de Weedon will also always have its place on a cheese platter during a simple meal or at a wine and cheese tasting.

Its label was created from the city of Weedon’s logo.

Champion in semi-firm cheese category 2015 Canadian cheese Grand Prix.

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