Cheddar Maple

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Black River Maple Cheddar Prince Edward County Ontario

A blend of medium-aged, fine artisan cheddar and Prince Edward County's pure maple syrup. The savoury tones of the cheddar gently meld with the delicate sweetness of the maple syrup.
Made with fresh milk delivered from neighbouring Price Edward County family-owned dairy farms, many of which have been providing the milk for Black River Cheese since it was established in 1901. For more than one hundred and ten years, Black River Cheese Company Ltd. has been firmly rooted in Prince Edward County. Of the original 26 cheese houses that once existed throughout The County, only Black River Cheese Company Ltd. remains in operation today.
Naturally aged, no modified milk ingredients or artificial preservatives.

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This was a delicious lightly


This was a delicious lightly flavoured maple cheddar. Great with rusk type toasts, water crackers and fruit.
Will definitely buy this again.