Mont D'Or

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Alpius Mont d'Or

Simular to the iconic Mont d'Or, the herds for this cheese graze within 6km of the Mont d'Or dairy.

This pasteurized cow milk cheese is aromatic with a soft and runny texture, ready to be scooped up with bread. Packed in a wood box for heating.

Le Bois Blond

In stock in last couple of weeks?: 
No - Currently not Carried
Bois Blond France

Le Bois Blond is a soft washed rind cheese that is made in the style of the highly prized (and rarely available) Mont D’Or. Presented in a circular wooden box that is well suited to  warm in the oven.

Aromas of raw cauliflower with a pleasant mustiness. When cool, this cheese has a springy texture and is quite mild. However, when warmed both the aromas and flavours of fresh grass with a little funkiness, intensify.

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