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Esrom Denmark

Esrom takes its name from the monastery, Esrom Abbey, where it was produced until 1559. The process for making esrom was rediscovered in 1951. Esrom and Danablu are the only two Danish cheeses that are PGI-marked by the EU, meaning that they may only be produced in Denmark from Danish milk and at approved dairies that produce the cheeses according to the specifications laid down.

German Butter-Butterkase

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German Butter Butterkase

A smooth, creamy, buttery, German cheese, Butterkase has a clear, pale-yellow interior. It is extremely delicate and odourless, and is widely used as a breakfast, sandwich, and snack cheese. Excellent on baked potatoes in place of sour cream, on cheese platters, and pairs well with fruits and sparkling wine.


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