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Challerhocker Raw Milk Switzerland

Washed in wine and spices and then aged for a minimum of 10 months, Challerhocker is the creation of former award winning Appenzeller maker Walter Rass.

A dense and creamy cheese with a characteristic swiss fruit and nuttiness, with deeper flavours of brown butter, melted leeks, butterscotch and sweet cream.

An excellent melting cheese, Challerhocker makes a decadent grilled cheese sandwich and is a flavourful addition to fondue.


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Emmentaler Switzerland Raw Milk

Emmentaler of Switzerland continues to be handcrafted the traditional way in small village dairies according to recipes handed down for more than 450 years. The milk used is delivered twice a day. It is produced with raw cow’s milk, adding only natural ingredients (water, salt, natural starter cultures and rennet). Preservatives or ingredients from genetically modified organisms are not allowed.



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Gruyere Switzerland Raw Milk

Master cheesemakers since 1782, Emmi is the agent company for traditional coop of dairies and cheesemakers. This Gruyere is made just northeast of Lake Geneva in Western Switzerland. Aged in natural caves where the air and natural bacteria endow the cheese with a deep complexity, this cheese matures for at least a year.

Le Maréchal

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Le Marechal Raw Milk Switzerland

A raw cow milk cheese produced in the artisanal cheese making facility of the Rapin family in the Vaud region of Switzerland. The cheese is named after the cheesemaker's grandfather who was a blacksmith, or Le maréchal-ferrant. Every wheel of Le Maréchal cheese has a large picture of the grandfather on the label and stamped on each wheel is the name Le Maréchal and a unique identification number.

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