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Caribbean Thunder

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Carribean Thunder Ontario Jerk Cheddar

Adding Jamaican Jerk spices to a two year old Ontario cheddar creates a savoury cheese that's earthy, nutty and spicy with a complex, smokey flavour. Pair with dried mango and roasted almonds. Melt on a shaved pork, chicken or turkey sandwich or make a sultry macaroni and cheese.

A Country Cheese Exclusive!

Tricolore Life

In stock in last couple of weeks?: 
Tricolore Life Basiron Holland

A kaleidoscope of flavour!

Basiron Tricolore is a truly unique and spicy cheese. Beneath its white exterior you will find a big surprise: this cheese has three colours! With the red comes the flavour of red peppers, with the green the flavour of bell peppers and the white is genuine goat's cheese. Try it yourself and surprise your customers or friends with this amazing eye catcher!

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