BOSKA Girolle-Cheese Curler Marble

Girolle Monoco Marble Cheese Curler

The Girolle or cheese curler from the Monaco collection is not only suitable to create appealing rosettes of Tête-de-Moine, P'tite Basque or Edam, but also  to create fancy curls of chocolate. The marble base, curling knife and steel pin are easy to assemble and disassemble. The entire set is dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.

$69.99 Please contact us to pre-order this item.

Cheese Curler DomeAdd a clear Dome $10.99

The Cheese Curler Dome is designed to keep cheese fresh longer, and also to keep it from drying out when cheese is sitting out on the tabletop for longer periods of time. The dome fits atop the Cheese Curler and allows the possibility to leave the cheese under the dome to keep the cheese fresh even while you clean the curler. The dome has a convenient marking surface so you can keep track of freshness dates for each cheese.

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