BOSKA Girolle-Cheese Curler

BOSKA Geneva Cheese Curler Girolle

The Geneva Cheese Curler is a unique cheese tool designed to be used when serving Tete-de-Moine, Petit Basque, Edam and similar cheeses. The beech wood board and stainless steel curling knife create pretty paper-thin 'curls', intensifying the true flavor of the cheese and creating an eye-catching presentation. Ideal tool to use on the appetizer or the dessert table for formal OR a casual tabletop. Additionally, you can wow your guests by using the curler to create delicious curls of chocolate instead of cheese.  Great gift for cheese lovers!


Includes a clear Dome

The Cheese Curler Dome is designed to keep cheese fresh longer, and also to keep it from drying out when cheese is sitting out on the tabletop for longer periods of time. The dome fits atop the Cheese Curler and allows the possibility to leave the cheese under the dome to keep the cheese fresh even while you clean the curler. The dome has a convenient marking surface so you can keep track of freshness dates for each cheese.


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