Beau's Abbey Style

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Beau's Beer Washed Cheese

Beau’s Abbey Style Beer Washed Cheese is an old style beer washed cheese that was originally produced in the middle-ages by monks who both made cheese and brewed beer.

The cheese is semi soft and matured for sixty days. For forty-five of those days it is washed daily with Beau’s beer - only dark ales are used. For this batch, it's Beau’s Beaver River IPA, a dark amber ale with a full, malty flavour accented nicely by aromatic European hops. The beer is made from completely organic ingredients at Beau's Brewery in Van Kleek Hill.

The base cheese is modeled after a Swiss style of washed rind called Mütchli, a very mild cheese with a smooth, rich texture. This is an artisan, farmstead cheese. The dairy is located on Friesvale Farm near Woodstock Ontario and the animals are fed from feed grown on its 500 acres. Cheese maker Shep Yesselstein apprenticed in Switzerland, where he learned the recipe for this cheese. Gunn’s Hill is a new dairy and has been in operation for 2 years.

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