14 Arpents

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14 Arpents Quebec

14 Arpents is a semi soft farm cheese made from the whole milk of the brown swiss cows. This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind. Full of flavour, It has a slight taste of hazelnut. The flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages. The cheese is named after a road that borders the cheese dairy, le chemin 14 Arpents. (14 acres)

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14 Arpents


I happily discovered this truly amazing cheese at my local shop when having asked for Tallagio. It wasn't in stock but was suggested that this was a close second. WOW !!! Everyone to whom i've introduced this cheese loves it too. Though a winner on it's own, when paired with a heavy dark bread and a fig or strawberry/rhubarb jam, well, it just takes it to yet "another level ". Brenda Dixon, Toronto, Ontario..............Thank you, Fromagerie Mendard (excuse : "` " svp )